5 Unique Gift Ideas

If shopping is your favourite pastime then choosing gifts may not seem like a challenging task for you. However, if you plan on getting something unique then you might have to spend a few hours on the internet for inspiration. You could also shop online rather than putting in the effort to go to a shopping mall and search for the gift.


The fragrance spectrum ranges from perfumes and body mists to shower gels and candles. This is one gift which would definitely be appreciated by the receiver, as people generally love to smell good as it makes them feel better about themselves. Therefore a fragrance would be an ideal gift option, especially if it is for a woman.


This a gift which would be highly appreciated by a tea lover. Gifting tea does not require you to buy the boring boxes of tea available at the supermarket. Companies such as the reputed Tchaba tea company offer a wide range of gift boxes to choose from consisting of an assorted range of teas. You can choose from metal or craft boxes depending on your budget and preference.

Custom gifts

Personalized gifts are a symbol of love and effort put in by the person purchasing the gift. There are a number of options when it comes to buying a custom made gift. A few options include: personalized journals with the initials engraved or scrapbooks and frames with memorable pictures. As mentioned above, the tea companies offer options to customize your gift boxes, therefore you can choose the tea flavours which you think the receiver would like best. Other custom gift ideas include: keychains with initials or pendant chains.


A portrait does not necessarily have to be a picture perfect illustration of the individual. If art is your forte then you could sketch a caricature image of this individual or something which is significant to this person, such as their pet dog or their new house or even a portrait of their family. However, if you are unable to draw, then there are several places where you could hire an artist to illustrate it for you.

Gift voucher

This is not exactly a unique gift idea, rather it is an easy option. If you do not have the time to purchase a gift, then you could gift this person a voucher from their favourite place. This also makes it easier because you do not have to worry whether the person liked your gift or not and they can purchase whatever they wish to. Therefore making your gift useful and appreciated at the same time.

Purchasing gifts is not a difficult task if you know the person’s likes and dislikes. If shopping at the mall is not your thing, then you could opt for online shopping wherein there are a various options for you to choose from and compare with, thus making your shopping experience easier.