Combining Technology And HR For A Better Clothes Cleaning Service

With the development of technology almost all professional fields have started using technology and the human resource to produce a better product or to supply you with a better service. If you think about food production we see factories that use a number of advanced machines from the beginning to the end of the process. However, they also seem to employ workers too to keep an eye on the production or to complete some actions in the production process.
Since a good company seems to use both technology and human resource we can have a look into how a Dubai laundry, the place that offers to wash and clean your clothes, operate using both of these factors.
Human Resource
Human resource has always been a part of the laundry service. In the earliest time of this process, the time people first started to earn a living by washing other people’s clothes, people washed the clothes by hand. At those times, they also did not have pipe lines to help them get water easily. They would either use a well to draw water or wash the clothes using a natural water way such as a stream or a river. Therefore, human resource is an important factor in this field. That is why even when the technology is advanced companies have a good staff too. They are the people operating everything. They may not wash clothes by hand anymore, but they are still included in every part of the process.
As the technology has developed these companies also use technology to provide a better service to their clients. They use washing machines to wash the clothes. They use good technology to dry clothes. Dry cleaning is also done without technology. Other than this, they also use technology to create a more efficient communication between them and the clients. For example, there are companies that use mobile apps as well as a website to let the clients reserve their services. Since everyone today has a mobile, a computer and a good internet connection this is a perfect way to communicate with the clients. When a company provides such easier ways of communication people are obviously going to become a client of such a company as this means they do not have to go to the shop to get the service.
Like in any other field, in the clothes cleaning field too companies are using technology now to make their jobs easier and to provide a high quality service. However, they are still using the human resource too.