Storing Your Furniture Properly

If you are a student living in college housing, then you will know the trouble of having to put your things into storage every year before you go away for the holidays. The New Year begins a day or two earlier for you than for the day scholars because you have to get your fixtures out of storage and start placing them around your new room or apartment. And that is when the trouble starts: the fixtures has been damaged during moving or storing and has to be repaired before you can use it or thrown out completely. Read on to find out how to store fittings in such a way that you get them back as good as new

Hire the Best Service You Can

The most important thing to remember about furniture storage Dubai is that if you leave it to the pros, they will do all the worrying for you. If you can afford it, always hire a professional storing or moving service to take care of your furniture for you while you are gone. They will have all the equipment, the tools and the proper space to store your furniture without damage. Depending on the service, you will be able to get a competitive and economical quote and full experience and expertise. So try to hire professionals for the job every time.

Choose a Storage Space Carefully

If you can’t afford a professional crew, you will have to do some parts of the process by yourself. Look for storage space and inspect it carefully to check that there is no damp and that the space is airtight. Rats and other vermin can get at unused piles of objects very easily, and will make nests in them, damaging your furniture. Damp will destroy wooden and metal furniture with rust and rot. When the furniture removalists take your furniture to storage, go with them to ensure that the storage unit you paid for is the one you receive and to see whether your property is handled properly. Better safe than sorry.

Take Precautions against Damage

One of the biggest issues with furniture storing and moving is that the owners do not take proper precautions against any damage. Yes, the movers are responsible for its well-being, but there are things you can do to ensure it remains safe. Firstly, treat your furniture to anti-bug spray or powder so that there won’t be any termite infestations when you come back. You can also scatter vaporizers around the storage unit to keep away insects that would damage your things. Secondly, if any of your belongings are fragile and liable to break, take it apart and pack it separately. For instance, if you are storing a glass-topped coffee table, remove the glass plane and wrap it in a couple of layers of bubble wrap or tissue paper.