Keeping Your Office Secure

As your business starts to grow and as you start to hire people for your work place and start to deal with newer people every day, the security of your office will also tend to get compromised. In the past, you may have deal with a small group of people that you know very well and therefore would have had the peace of mind of knowing that no strangers enter your office without your knowledge but as your business grows, you are going to have to have people such as electricians, water supplies, cleaners and other people coming in to your office that you do not completely know and there is a very high chance that a burglar could also enter your office premises with these people. In fact, many groups of burglars will usually work with someone on the inside such as a cleaner or a water supplier who will gain access to private systems and more importantly, your private spaces.

Setting up your own devices

The truth is, you cannot prevent this. This does not mean that any cleaner that you hire is a thief and you cannot go around accusing every cleaner who comes to your office of being a thief because they may well be innocent, good people trying to earn a wage to feed their families at home. The only way you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim to such a crime is to upgrade your devices buy having CCTV camera installation in your office and having a secure security system in your office to prevent theft.

Access control Dubai is another way to prevent such an occurrence is to have admittance control in your office where certain areas and certain systems in your office are completely restricted and only usable by one or two very trusted people in your office. Not even cleaners should be allowed in to these spaces and they should be finger print and password protected.

While you would not normally let any stranger come in to your office, you would not think twice about letting a cleaner come in to the office to clean up and therefore a cleaner can easily gain access to private places such as the place you keep your money and your devices and in some cases, will also have the chance to place cameras to watch you putting in your passwords and such. They could watch you and your routine for months on end before they get down to an actual burglary and in many cases, you will not be able to connect the burglary to the inside person which means they will continue working for you.