Know The Alternatives To A Perfect White Smile

Whitening may not be the ideal option for everyone. This is because the use of bleaching agent on teeth must be avoided when the front tooth is filled, boned, crowned or capped- the bleach does not have the ability to brighten such materials. Thus, when you opt for teeth whitening, then they are going to appear different when compared to other pearly whites. In such cases, it is best to look for alternatives, such as bonding or veneers.

Veneer is a form of porcelain that is widely used for dental practices. These dental veneers are usually glued to the teeth that are severely stained, chipped or misshapen so as to create a pleasing and perfect smile. Due to the nature of material, they do not stain easily and this is something that has made it popular amongst people who want to achieve white teeth yet cannot opt for the conventional whitening treatment.A specialized orthodontist must be chosen for the job to be done. An expert has the needed qualification and skills and the person can work in the best way to help you enjoy the benefits of the solution at its best. An experienced expert commonly works with two types of veneers and they are

• Composite: This is typically a direct from, where the enamel gets bonded with tooth in just one visit. The composites are affordable when compared to porcelain but they last only for a span of 6 to 5 years, based on your preventive dental measures and care.

• Porcelain: This is indirect veneer that is customized to adapt with size of your teeth. You would apparently require two or more visits to get this done. Despite of being expensive than composite their lifespan ranges from 12 to 15 years.

Dentist use light for hardening the resin and then polish it to perfection.

• There are many people who prefer bonding for whitening as it gives a natural look, where the material used often matches with the color shade of your teeth

• However, those smokers do have to give a second thought to this treatment due to its porous nature. Severe smoking can make it appear yellow with time.

Never be disappointed when you realize that you are not the appropriate candidate for the traditional teeth whitening treatment. Instead, discuss with the dentist about the various alternatives available and then choose the one that best suits you. Do remember, despite of being temporary solution they can apparently help you get that million-dollar smile for a long period of time.