Taking Care Of A Sick Patient At Home

Every one of us will inevitably have to look after a sick person in our lifetimes and in most cases, this person will be our own parents when they are older and frail. While in the ideal situation, you should be able to give up your job to stay home and care for your sick and ailing parent, this is not always possible realistically because the cost of living is so high in this modern day that people are unable to survive financially without at least two members in each household being employed full time. You also have the responsibility of taking care of your own family and your children who depend on you which means that giving up your job is not going to be an option at all.

Prepare your home for emergencies

Having a sick or elderly person in your home means that you will have to always be prepared for an emergency that could occur. As you are not a medical professional, you will not always know what needs to be done in case of a medical emergency and therefore it is vital that you have all of the medical emergency numbers printed big and hung on your wall so that every member of the family, including your ailing parent has access to them at all times. It is also important for you to contact medical equipments suppliers in Dubai and buy any medical supplies for your home that you will need in an emergency including a wheel chair.

Your ailing parent’s doctor will be able to give you advice on what supplies and equipment you will need to have in your home at all time so that you can perform emergency first aid while you are waiting for an ambulance to come along. In fact, ambulance equipment suppliers can also supply you with equipment to turn your car in to an emergency medical care until so that you can provide medical care while you are transporting your ailing parent to the hospital in case of an emergency where an ambulance is not available.

Diet and lifestyle

An elderly person will require a completely different diet and they will have to change their lifestyle drastically if they become sick. They are not able to eat or digest the food that you would regularly eat, especially if the food is processed. You will need to study nutrition and find out from a registered dietician what kind of food you will need to prepare for your parent in order to help them become stronger.