Your Teeth On The Straight And Narrow

If there is one thing that we are conscious about, it is how we look to people especially for the first time. Whether you think this is shallow or not, it is a fact. After all, we do want to look acceptable if not like Salma Hayek. Teeth play a big role in this aspect although not everyone is born with the perfect set. This is why dentistry was invented and combined with the technological advances of today, the outcome is fantastic. Be it through genetics or improper dental practices followed as a child, there could be many different issues. Most commonly, orthodontic issues are what plagues people. From extended gaps between teeth to overcrowding and misalignment, the list goes on. However the good news, is that there is help and not just through braces and retainers anymore. Through aligners as well.


Aligners are a fairly new introduction to orthodontics although they have grown in popularity within a short span of time. It is easy to see why though. Braces and retainers were options people resorted to in the past, not because they wanted to. They just did not have another option. Their metal structures made life quite uncomfortable all round. Braces in particular were cumbersome as they could not be removed unless by a dentist, food getting stuck was an issue not to mention unsightly. With aligners, where Invisalign is a popular name, they are made to be as discreet as possible. They are also removable for cleaning and eating offering more flexibility. Now, you can find invisalign Dubai and in most countries around the world as word spreads.


You would obviously need to make a trip to the dentist for the initial checkup. Here, the dentist will assess your situation and how deep the problem is. An imprint of your teeth will then be taken and at the same time a 3D image created. The imprint will be sent to the laboratory to make your first set of aligners whilst the 3D image will help the dentist understand the movement of your teeth during treatment. This allows him or her to prepare your aligners in advance and present the set to you with instructions on when to change them. Hence, you have the freedom of not having to visit the dentist as often, perhaps once every 2-3 weeks just to monitor progress. You are however, largely responsible for yourself. They need to be kept on for at least 22 hours every day so bear that in mind.


Most dental clinics now offer this service so it will not be too hard to find it. Whether you are looking for a Jumeirah dental clinic or an orthodontist in Ajman, make sure you browse through their details thoroughly. No matter how simple the treatment might be, you do not want to fall victim to a botched job. A simple Internet search should help or even word-of-mouth is quite powerful. If you need further guidance read up medical journals that will point you in the right direction and give you more information.


If you are the sort of person who is extremely forgetful, then aligners may not be the path for you. Braces Dubai would be more apt. This is because for aligners to work and to their job, you need to have some discipline. If you take them out to eat for instance, you cannot forget to put them back on. You need to always have a separate case for them so you can sort yourself out when in public. Furthermore, you cannot forget to change them to the next set once your teeth have moved to the desired position. You would only interrupt the process and ultimately have spent your money and achieved nothing. Go for aligners only and only if you have enough faith in yourself to see it through.